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Who I Am
Life's Pursuits
  • Adventure: merchant marine, mountaineer, hiker, scuba diver, pilot.
  • Entrepreneur: I love early-stage startups, and working on very tough problems with smart people.
  • Travel: Norway, Italy, Australia, England, Ireland, Mexico, South Korea and China among many others. I want to travel everywhere.
  • Music: violin and guitar. I particularly enjoy flemenco, jazz, acid rock, rococo.
  • Sports: lacrosse, bicycling, ice hockey, triathalon racing, sailing.
  • Language: English, Latin, Korean, Lisp. I am a voracious reader.
  • Cooking: structure and intepretation of gourmet food.
Technical Interests

In no particular order, and with no deference given to other, more precise taxonomies of computer science.
  • Operating system kernels
    • Memory management
    • File systems and block devices
    • Threading and synchronization
  • Programming languages
  • Distributed systems
  • Information theory
New Artifacts

Talk: Combined Object-Lambda Architectures [ pdf ]
How to make COLAs with Pepsi and Coke.
Talk: Lguest Hypervisor [ pdf ]
Design of the Lguest paravirtualized hypervisor.
Software: Toil [ svn ]
A minimalist WSGI/FastCGI application server.
Talk: Computational Continuations [ pdf ]
An intro to continuations for programmers.
Software: chump-search [ svn ]
A partial-text XML search engine for the web.
Software: iolisp [ svn ]
A prototype Lisp interpreter witten in Io.
Talk: Anatomy of Lisp [ pdf ]
On the beauty and expressiveness of Lisp.
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Company Further Info
  • Download my résumé.
    • Résumé current as of December 2014.
    • References happily given upon request.
    • Available for pro bono work, please inquire.
    • Actively seeking challenging positions worldwide, with particular interest in New York City, San Francisco, Boulder or Hong Kong.
    • Career objectives: Create. Innovate. Make beautiful software. I aspire to work on very hard problems.
  • Download my GPG public key.
  • Visit my LinkedIn user page.
  • I am a professional member of the ACM.