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Who I Am
Life's Pursuits
  • Adventure: merchant marine, mountaineer, hiker, scuba diver, pilot.
  • Entrepreneur: I love early-stage startups, and working on very tough problems with smart people.
  • Travel: Norway, Italy, Australia, England, Ireland, Mexico, South Korea and China among many others. I want to travel everywhere.
  • Music: violin and guitar. I particularly enjoy flemenco, jazz, acid rock, rococo.
  • Sports: lacrosse, bicycling, ice hockey, triathalon racing, sailing.
  • Language: English, Latin, Korean, Lisp. I am a voracious reader.
  • Cooking: structure and intepretation of gourmet food.
Technical Interests

In no particular order, and with no deference given to other, more precise taxonomies of computer science.
  • Operating system kernels
    • Memory management
    • File systems and block devices
    • Threading and synchronization
  • Programming languages
  • Distributed systems
  • Information theory
New Artifacts

Talk: Combined Object-Lambda Architectures [ pdf ]
How to make COLAs with Pepsi and Coke.
Talk: Lguest Hypervisor [ pdf ]
Design of the Lguest paravirtualized hypervisor.
Software: Toil [ svn ]
A minimalist WSGI/FastCGI application server.
Talk: Computational Continuations [ pdf ]
An intro to continuations for programmers.
Software: chump-search [ svn ]
A partial-text XML search engine for the web.
Software: iolisp [ svn ]
A prototype Lisp interpreter witten in Io.
Talk: Anatomy of Lisp [ pdf ]
On the beauty and expressiveness of Lisp.
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  • Cleversafe, Inc.
    • Position:   "Engineering Lead / Manager" Acting in a leadership and architecture role reporting to SVP R&D, with complete ownership of roadmap and management for Cleversafe's Platform engineering group. Responsible for delivering product's integral custom operating system, Linux kernel, hardware appliances and networking components. As hiring manager I grew my team from 4 to 14 across several subgroups.
    • Company:   Cleversafe Dispersed Storage software uses information dispersal (channel coding) to store small slices of data in multiple, disparate locations. Each slice contains too little information to be usable by itself, which ensures that all data stored or transmitted to the network is secure and private. Although each slice is individually unusable, any majority of the slices can be used to perfectly recreate all of the original data. As a result, the storage system remains fully usable even in the face of byzantine node failure.
Patents Further Info
  • Download my résumé.
    • Résumé current as of August 2014.
    • References happily given upon request.
    • Available for pro bono work, please inquire.
    • Actively seeking challenging positions worldwide, with particular interest in New York City, San Francisco, Boulder or Hong Kong.
    • Career objectives: Create. Innovate. Make beautiful software. I aspire to work on very hard problems.
  • Download my GPG public key.
  • Visit my LinkedIn user page.
  • I am a professional member of the ACM.